Medical transcription salary in india

In India, salary of Medical Transcriptionist depends on several factors like city, company and the position you are working for.

South Indian cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore has witnissed tremendous boom in Medical transcription and salaries of Medical Transcriptionist'S have sored in the recent years.

Lets take the example of Medical transcription salaries in hyderabad. In Hyderabad, Trainee medical transcriptionist form stable companies get a stifend of 2000-3000 during training period of 4-6 months including onjob traiing. The trainig involves basic training for about 4 months and the onjob training for one or two months.

Once you are designated as Medical Transcriptionist after onjob training, you can expect a salary of 5000-7500 depending upon performance and company.

Medical Transcriptionist with 2 years of experiance can fetch 10000-12000 in Hyderabad and with 5-7 years can fetch 17,000-22,000 per month.

This is not the end, if you perform good then you can become a proofreader within one or two years, and then Quality Analyst, and even Production Manager.

In Hyderabad, Proofers with 3 years of expericane can fetch 20000-25000 per month. Quality Analysts can earn upto 40,000 in Hyderabad. In Bangalore and Chennai some companies are offering 45,000 for Quality Analyst positions.

You can expect the same salaries as that of Hyderaabd in Delhi and Noida. The same salary figures minus 5-15% can be applied to cities like Mumbai, Pune, and other Indian cities as these cities have not witnissed huge boom in Medical Transcription.

You can find medical transcription companies in all major indian cities
like Delhi, Kolkata (West Bengal), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur (Maharastra), Bangalore, Mangalore (Karnataka), Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala).

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Will speech recognition software kill medical transcription

Is voice recognition the new solution for medical transcription needs? Voice recognition or speech recognition has been there in the medical transcription field since some time.

Voice recognition software requires the doctor to personally ‘train’ the software on the speech pattern, accent, standard terms and various nuances of his/her speech pattern so that the software can ‘learn’ it and adapt accordingly. This could involve a huge time commitment from the doctor using it, which he may ill afford to make.

Time for dictation: Voice recognition software requires the doctor to change his style of dictation to include punctuations, grammar, spellings, detailed terminology, paragraph and report start and ending etc., as opposed to the free flow form of dictations that the doctors are used to.

Unlike the traditional method of medical transcription where the records are subject to rigorous proof reading and quality checks, here the doctor needs to spend considerable time editing and correcting before signing off on the reports

The accuracy level from voice recognition software is found to be about 60%-65%. That means correcting and editing the documents have to make up for the remaining 35%-40% accuracy.

When new doctors are added to the practice the voice recognition software has to be trained further to accept the speech nuances of the new joiners. There is no flexibility offered by voice recognition software for this.

In conclusion it can safely be said that voice recognition software will never be able to completely replace manual medical transcription. Medical transcriptionists will have an important role to play at least as editors and proofreaders.

Medical transcription requires a certain amount of training, subjective judgment and understanding the context to be accurate and relevant, which will not be possible to achieve completely through software, no matter how expertly created.

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Free Online Medical Transcription Training

Want to become medical transcriptionist then learn free of cost by sitting at the comfort of your home. Below are some of the options to learn medical transcription freely..

This site provides you with free online indepth knowledge about medical transcription and free training material.

HQMT and Premiere Institute and Registered MT Company for free Expert Level Medical Transcription Training and 100% Placements. Offers First and Only Online MT training via LIVE Online VIDEO CLASSES. Learn from AAMT-certified (international) professional trainers (also doctors by profession) with more than 11 years of experience as MTs, editors, QA, R&D, trainers, quality controllers from companies like Spheris, Focus Infosys. or Call 09945264694 / 080-64500736

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Can a medical transcriptionist work from home?

Yes, medical transcriptionists can work from home but one needs to have at least three years of experiance and must be able maintain an accuracy of 98%. Due to increasing volume of work many medical transcription companies are increasingly offering home based jobs. Medical transcription is one of the fastest growing healthcare professions.

Here are some of the companies who recruit home based medical transcriptionists.

MT Recruiters is recruiting job seekers who are searching for online medical transcriptionist work from home jobs.

MThomeMD is a company that provides MT home jobs for people interested in medical transcription (MT) and who would like to work from home. MThomeMD has been providing MT work at home opportunities for a decade.

Acusis is the pioneer of home-based medical transcription in India. A revolutionary blend of technology, innovation, and simple ingenuity makes Acusis Home Transcription (Acusis HT™) the most intelligent and smart option for experienced medical transcriptionists.

HQMT offers Home based Medical Transcription

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Medical Transcription Training Coimbatore

Medical Transcription training institutes in Coimbatore. Medical transcription has witnissed tremendrous growth in Coimbatore with mushrooming of medical transcription companies in and around Coimbatore. There are numerous training institutes, but the quality of training does not match the industry standard. Many medical transcription companies offer free training and inhouse placement for freshers with good stipend.

Educational requirements:
Graduate in any discipline (many companies also consider undergraduates also)
Good command over the English language
Good listening skills
Basic knowledge in computers and typing skills would be added advantages

Here is a list of transcription companies you can apply for free training and placement.

Accentia is one of the world's leading Medical Transcription Company


CBaySystems India Medical Traanscription

MEDSOFT USA Medical Traanscription


SPHERIS Medical Traanscription

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Medical Transcription Training Institutes in Chennai

Medical Transcription training institutes in Chennai. Medical transcription has witnissed tremendrous growth in Chennai with mushrooming of medical transcription companies in and around Chennai. There are numerous training institutes, but the quality of training does not match the industry standard. Many medical transcription companies offer free training and inhouse placement for freshers with good stipend.

Educational requirements:
Graduate in any discipline (many companies also consider undergraduates also)
Good command over the English language
Good listening skills
Basic knowledge in computers and typing skills would be added advantages

Here is a list of transcription companies you can apply for free training and placement.

Accel Medical Transcription BPO in Chennai

Acusis India Medical Transcription

Azisoft Medical Transcription

I PROMPT INFOTECH Medical Transcription

LANCE SOFT Medical Transcription

MEDUSIND SOLUTIONS Medical Transcription

NPS TECHNOLOGIES Medical Transcription

VOICE BOX INDIA Medical Transcription

Skyscribe Medical Transcription

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Institutes for medical transcription training in Hyderabad

Medical Transcription training institutes in Hyderabad. Medical transcription has witnissed tremendrous growth in Hyderabad with mushrooming of medical transcription companies in and around Hyderabad. There are numerous training institutes, but the quality of training does not match the industry standard. Many medical transcription companies offer free training and inhouse placement for freshers with good stipend.

Educational requirements:
Graduate in any discipline (many companies also consider undergraduates also)
Good command over the English language
Good listening skills
Basic knowledge in computers and typing skills would be added advantages

Here is a list of transcription companies you can apply for free training and placement.

TransDyne recruits trainee MTs throughout the year

Elico Limited Medical Transcription
Hyderabad. Ph: 91-40-23771258

Ckar Systems Pvt Ltd (A CBAY Company) Medical Transcription
Hyderabad. Ph: 040 2335 5240

MedWrite Medical Transcription Services
Hyderabad. Ph: 40-66255510, 66735510 Email:

Vision 2k+ Inc. Medical Transcription
Hyderabad. Ph: 6661-8999, 2762-8999

WorldTech Medical Transcription BPO
Hyderabad. Ph: 040-23352697/698/700.

Tti Chakkilam Typesetting Medical Transcription
Hyderabad. Ph: 040 23353808

Care Technologies Medical Transcription

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Institutes for medical transcription training in Bangalore

Medical Transcription training institutes in Bangalore. Medical transcription has witnissed tremendrous growth in Bangalore with mushrooming of medical transcription companies in and around Bangalore. There are numerous training institutes, but the quality of training does not match the industry standard. Many medical transcription companies offer free training and inhouse placement for freshers with good stifund.

Educational requirements:
Graduate in any discipline (many companies also consider undergraduates also)
Good command over the English language
Good listening skills
Basic knowledge in computers and typing skills would be added advantages

Here is a list of transcription companies you can apply for free training and placement.

ACUSIS SOFTWARE Medical Transcription
Bangalore - 080 2224 7636

Pradot Technologies Medical Transcription

Cbay Systems Medical Transcription
Bangalore - 080 25357482

Focus Infosys Medical Transcription
Bangalore- 080 25527229

Spheris Medical Transcription
Bangalore - 080 25715348

Infoscript Services Medical Transcription
Bangalore - 080-25355512, 25357630

Fore Transcriptions Pvt. Ltd.
Bangalore - 80–25484976, 25482943

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Legal Transcription Training Online

The following schools offers Legal Transcription Training Online

The Penn Foster Career School Legal Transcriptionist Program helps you learn quickly and conveniently.

U.S. Career Institute(USCI) is a school offering distance learning legal transcription training through online legal transcription courses and online legal transcription classes. USCI provides innovative, real-world curricula that students in any geographical location can obtain.

Meditec Online Legal Transcription – Legal Secretary Training School provides Certification for Legal Transcription. Meditec’s training course for Legal Transcription Certification is self-paced. Convenient anytime, anywhere training. Transcription practice using correspondence and legal formats.

Kaplan University online legal transcription.

Legal Transcription Companies

Here is a list of legal transcription companies

ADS Transcription Company
ADS Transcription Company is a leading provider in corporate transcription, legal transcription, insurance transcription.

24 Hour Secretary
24 Hour Secretary serves as the legal transcription company for law firms and insurance investigations.

GMR Transcription Service
GMR Transcription Service offers high quality, accurate legal transcription services at affordable prices.

MINFO ahmedabad based company offers Legal transcription services Lawyers, Attorneys, and Legal Professionals.

What is legal transcription

What is legal transcription? Legal Assisting?

A: Virtually everything that takes place in the civil and criminal court systems requires hard copy documentation. The information is either dictated or recorded in the courtroom or at deposition hearings, as well as in law offices in less official settings. It may include testimony, pleadings, interrogatories (questions and answers), reviews of administrative hearings and the like. Generally, the information is recorded either onto tape or digital voice processing systems. It includes the process of transferring information from recorded dictation to hard documentation using transcribers and computer word processors. Legal assistants, legal transcriptionists, and paralegals, prepare legal documents both from written and dictated information. In addition, other typical duties may include drafting and filing legal documents, calendaring and tracking important deadlines, assisting attorneys to prepare for trials, documenting relevant facts and information pertaining to a lawsuit, organizing and maintenance of client files, and using computers and related software as well as other reference materials to research and document law, and to prepare or transcribe the documents involved. Legal assistants, secretaries, and transcriptionists may become so proficient that they can actually undertake paralegal duties as well, and in some states, provide the same services as attorneys do.

Legal assistants often perform transcription duties, but also assume other office responsibilities, greeting-interviewing clients, setting up files, doing the billing, assisting in research, and a variety of other functions. Straight transcription jobs are available on in the Internet and you can do it at home.

Q: Who uses the services?

A: Attorneys do, and corporations, government agencies, insurance companies, banks, and lots of them work for themselves. The demand for government legal transcriptionists is growing at an enormous rate. Many work for the Federal government in administrative agencies. General categories are:

Freelance Legal Transcriptionists – operate their own business and provide services to attorneys on a contractual basis. A freelance legal transcriptionist works under the supervision of an attorney, who assumes responsibility for the legal transcriptionist’s work product. The attorney or another member of the staff dictates or edits previously prepared files, which the transcriptionist then transcribes or provides the edited work product.
Traditional Employment – work for lawfirms, agencies, or other companies as noted above, on a salaried or per hour basis, or on a per line or per page basis for Internet dictation clients.
Specialization – Many opportunities exist for the legal transcriptionist and assistants to specialize in various types of law, real estate, criminal, family, personal injury, business, etc. These specialties are defined and taught in the course material.

Q: And it requires training?

A: Absolutely. It’s a specialized field. You have to know about the law, various court systems and their venues (what kind of cases they hear/try), the formats for legal documents in your state, how to research case law and cite it.

Q: How does your program work?

A: It’s very simple. It is a home-based on-line distance learning program that is entirely self-paced. You do it in your own time frame at home. It is entirely platform learning based, so you are presented information, and then you are tested on it. You do not move forward until you fully grasp the topic you are working on. The coursework is divided into two modules, one dealing with the law and how it works, an overview of the profession, and the second is the transcription key for the dictation you will do while training.

Q: What does your program include?

A: This state-of-the-art home training program consists of 2 modules and 5 hours of dictation for your transcription practice. It is streamlined and comprehensive, more than you will need to find suitable work in or for a legal office. It is designed to teach the functions and processes of institutions in the U.S. legal system, roles and issues in the field, and selected specialties of law. It includes dozens of samples of dictation types and formats, terminology used in the law, complete with an abridged Latin dictionary. It reviews English grammar and provides all the typing rules, complete with the captions for different types of courts and actions.It discusses employment opportunities and provides dozens of websites for research purposes to enhance your educational skills on-line, in addition to opportunities to network for working possibilities and resources after you’re working.

Q: How long does it take to complete this program?

A: It takes anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks (depending how much time you have to devote to the program). Average is 8 to 12 weeks.

Q: Is this field for me?

A: If you have at least average keyboard skills, are a good speller, and can learn and retain what you learn, this could definitely be for you. Your earning potential is entirely in your hands, enabling you to take charge of your own financial present and future.

Q: What are the best reasons I should look into the legal field?

A: The need for legal support staff increases with the litigation processes so prevalent now. Administrative law (local, state and federal government) requires massive record-keeping. Much of that information is related to recorded hearings, etc. The Department of Labor notes the requirement for staffing will grow exponentially in the next few years. Assistance from trained people is a welcome alternative to both attorneys. In addition, large national legal transcription companies now hire home-based transcriptionists. They eagerly await our graduates, often hiring them before they complete their training. According to the findings of NFPA the future of legal assistants is increasing rapidly with the projection being that by the year 2005 there will be a need for between 150,000 and 176,000 such people in the U.S., working in areas such as law firms, corporations and corporate legal departments, financial institutions, insurance companies, real estate and title agencies, state and federal governmental agencies, courts, public defenders’ and prosecutors’ offices, public utility companies, and community legal service programs. These are dynamic times for these professions.

Interesting that medical transcription students have also migrated into the legal work. One of our students posted: “You can usually get hired into legal transcription jobs if you have experience in MT. That’s what I am finding anyhow. Nobody has questioned me about being certified in legal. I’m sure if the work was full of legal terminology, it would be a different scenario but many of the cases seem to be more ’street language’ than legal terminology, and sometimes medical jargon. At any rate, I am making 6 cents a line and it is pretty easy work.” “I have found several companies that provide both legal and medical transcription, Ubiqus is one.”

Q: How much can I expect to earn?

A: Earnings are between $15 and $25 per hour. Contracting for Internet work is generally based on “piece work,” by the line or page. Let’s give an example: You could earn 6 to 10 cents per line or $1.50 to $3 per page. Once proficient, you should be typing about 300 lines per hour x 8 cents would be $24 per hour. If you work in an office, salary ranges are from $27,000 to $40,000 annually.

Q: What about expanding opportunities and horizons?

A: The opportunities for expanding roles in your career path are also furthered through continuing education, expanded experience, increased acceptance of responsibility and increased challenges, and as standards for this profession are established and recognized, roles and responsibilities will be expanded. Technologically speaking, supply and demand are what run the evolution and creation of new software, macros and research methods available, and currently the Internet is the a great way to build your Cybrary (and the course will teach you how).

Q: What will I need for software?

A: Most attorneys have their preference: Hotdocs, a WordPerfect program, and Legal Solutions, a program divided into modules depending on the field of practiceand MSWord. If you are good with MSWord or WordPerfect, you will learn whatever they use very easily. for the Internet work, you will need an upload/download protocol, such as FTP.

Q: Can I really make any money at home?

A: By developing the skills, yes, you certainly can. More and more people in these professions do some or all of their work at home (unless, of course, they are working in an office on a salaried position by choice).

Q: Is there home business information included? Such as setting one up?

A: The HomeBizBook is available to suggest how to do that. It provides concise . It is a Career Development for self-evaluation, and includes marketing and sales techniques and methods that assist in finding work and/or in setting up a home business.

Q: What equipment do I need?

A: For the training, a computer with a modem or DSL to access the Internet, a word processor WordPerfect or MSWord (many law offices use WordPerfect in its legal version), and some sort of cassette player or CD player (the CD player, Wavplayer, is an option in the course.

Q: What else do I need?

A: Helpful books include:

Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (latest edition)
Black’s Law Dictionary (pocketbook), Bryan A. Gardner, $24.95 (
The Bluebook: (citations), $16.00 (
Handbook of Basic Law Terms (pocketbook), Bryan A. Gardner, $12.95 (
Throughout the course, you will be provided websites for research purposes; this activity will facilitate your ability to use such sites in your training and your career. Some of the exercises may be based on the research you do, so take the time to familiarize yourself by reading what they offer, moving around to find other topics which may be of interest and looking at the links various sites will provide. You bookmark those you frequent most for a ready resource, your personal Cybrary.

Q: Do you provide placement?

A: Meditec does not guarantee job placement or employment. We do provide you the HomeBizBook, a good resource to network and find work. We will also refer you to major national clients who have hired a number of our students for home-based transcription.

Q: So how do I get started?

A: Call toll free at 877.335.4072 or enroll on-line.

Q: Anything else?

A: Only this: If you desire a relatively new and specialized career that is in great demand, one that is immune to recession and other economic and industry fluctuations, one that can be easily developed into a home business or which can land you the job you want, then look no further. If you’ve shopped the others, you know that it will much longer than traditional schools and cost a lot more. This is a very cost effective way to get on track for a new career!

Business Transcription

Business Transcription can be defined as the service of converting audio files into verbatim transcripts for companies across industries ie., for all types of businesses. Every company, which is being registered with stock market (NASDAQ, NYSE etc..) has to comply by the condition of conducting every quarterly meetings on their business, hence updating their level and performance of business to their investors, and the people involved in their business. While this meeting takes place, the meeting co-ordinator captures the meeting, records it as an audio file, and sends it for transcribing it. The transcriber in turn listens to the audio file, transcribes it and sends it back to the client as a text format. This is called as Business Transcription.

The seminars are usually recorded in the Standard/micro cassettes, audio files, (wav, vox, dss, mp3) Internet, VHS or DAT. All audio is enhanced through analog and digital equipment.

Business Transcription covers almost all fields, right from health care, insurance, airlines to automobiles. It is basically to transcribe conference calls, meetings, seminars and analyst calls. It also stretches its wings to areas like sales meeting, budget planning session and other business conversations. It is about transcribing conference calls with maximum accuracy and high security for confidential contents.

Business Transcription can be divided into different segments:

Business Transcription Services for business groups
Business Transcriptions for Speakers/Moderators
Business Transcriptions of Teleconferences
Business Transcription Services for Books/Manuscripts
Business Transcription for Medicines and Insurance groups

Normally the business transcript is kept stored in the transcribing company’s server for twelve months in need of any immediate assistance to their respective clients.

Medical Transcription Companies

Here is a list of Medical Transcription Companies

Emerald Transcription, Inc
Digidat Solutions
M&M Transcription Service
RVM Transcription
AAPT Accurate and Professional Transcription
Transcribe Medical Transcription Service
Turcotte Transcription
Accu-Med Transcription Services
Transcribing Unlimited 2000, Inc.
MTS Medical Transcription Service
Transcription Services of Denver, Inc.
Medical Talk Transcriptions
Barker Medical Transcription, Inc
JFM Transcription Service
MedScribe Information Systems, Inc
ProScript Transcription Service
Medi-Script, Inc.
Med-Tech Transcriptions, Inc.

Medical Transcription Schools

Hre is a list of medical transcription schools

Career Step
Career Step partners with top companies that hire medical transcriptionists (MTs), so Career Step graduates get hired for the best jobs. Since 1992, Career Step has offered quality MT training designed to prepare students for employment.
Their training is comprehensive and covers all MT specialties

Andrewsschool transcription programs are available by a combination of email and instructional message boards. For additional information on either or both of our programs, write to Linda Andrews, Director, at

Med-Line School of Medical Transcription
Med-Line School of Medical Transcriptionis is an AHDI-approved career college exclusively devoted to the field of healthcare documentation specialists. Students complete the comprehensive program by way of distance education.

CanScribe Career Centre
CanScribe Career Centre is one of the top Medical Transcription Schools in Canada. CanScribe’s head office is located in Lake Country, British Columbia and offers its Medical Transcription course across Canada.

The VLC School of Medical Transcription Training
Transcription at the VLC includes the M.I.M.E. method of online teaching, SmarTechnologies, and for eligible students, a Work Placement Program. Medical transcriptionist career training courses are extremely thorough and they supply all materials needed.

Meditec’s e-Learning computer-based courses incorporate proven training methods to ensure the highest rate of information retention. Online mentoring, comprehensive text and practice exams provide the basic theories needed for training and certification

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Medical Transcription Courses Online

Here are some of the Online Medical Transcription Courses


This nationally recognized medical transcription online course and training program prepares you to start a new career as a medical transcriptionist. Transcriber and all materials are included in this medical transcription program. This online certificate program is offered in partnership with major colleges, universities, and other accredited education providers.

Learn-MT is an online certificate-training program in medical transcription for aspirants, interested in building a successful career in medical transcription. The course has been designed by professionals taking into account, each and every aspect needed to shape the career of a successful transcriptionist.

MTatHome Medical Transcription Training Course At Home with Student Support, Medical Transcription Job Assistance, Student Resume Assistance and more.

The eLearn medical-transcription1 program has all the necessary information, articles and exercises on English usage, grammar, and medical terminology as well as make available loads of dictations for practice. The free transcription program has several skill categories, each important in leading the path to become a good transcriptionist.
Complete Online training with simple lessons in very common English to help you to be an expert in Medical transcription with in days.

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Medical Transcription Training

Who can become a Medical Transcriptionist?
A graduate/non-graduate in any discipline, who has a good command over English language and has a strong determination to excel and undergoes a minimum of six months of training in MT, can become a Medical Transcriptionist.

What skills are required to become a Medical transcriptionist?
Proficiency in English
Good listening, writing and comprehension skills
An eye for details
Typing and basic knowledge in Computers would be an added advantage.

What is the duration of a Medical transcription training program?
The duration as given by various training institutes is 6 months.

What does the Medical transcription training involve and what is the curriculum?
The training includes a balanced mix of classroom and lab practice. The main subjects in which an individual is trained are – Medicine, English, Computers, Typing and Medical Transcription. Besides all these a lot of inputs are given on Americanisms and Listening Skills.

Is it necessary to have a science background to become a Medical transcription?
No, any graduate/undergraduate belonging to any faculties is eligible. Most of the training institutes have a screening test to take candidates into training.

Is it a full time or part-time training?
Normally, it is a full time training as it demands 10–12 hours of study. There could be some companies, which offer part-time courses, but in this case the training period would be more than six months.

Is there a crash course in Medical transcription training?
No, a person needs to go through the entire training as stipulated as this is a professional course. The training is different from all other programs as the accuracy rate expected from a Medical Transcriptionist is 98.5% and a turnaround time of 12 hours. There are no concessions to this stipulation. Though a person may have related experience and qualification like medicine etc., one has to go through the complete training module to become a medical transcriptionist.

Is there any certification in Medical transcription?
Yes, if you are a Certified Medical Transcriptionist. This test is conducted by American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT). More information on this can be obtained at Certification is not necessary for getting a job. It can be obtained after getting 10-12 years of experiance.

Medical Transcription

What is Medical transcription?

The simplest definition of Transcription is conversion of voice to electronic text form. Medical Transcription is an IT enabled service that requires specialized skills in utilizing Information technology in converting the voice data of the doctors who are in the US, consisting of patient history and medical advises into electronic documents.

How old is Medical transcription?
The origin of MT is USA where it is a well established industry which is 25 years old.

How much will I earn as a medical transcriptionist?
After the training one could start earning anything between Rs.4,000 to Rs.6,000 per month. As this is an incentive oriented job, for a good performer, the sky is the limit.

Do I have to work in shifts?
This depends on the company you are working for. There are a number of companies which work in single / multiple shifts.

What are the job prospects in Medical transcription?
Any Medical transcriptionist who is able to transcribe with a consistent accuracy of minimum 90 % and a good speed has got a good future in MT.

What kind of growth does Medical transcription industry offer?
Presently in the US the demand for Medical transcription is increasing at the rate of 20%. It does offer both professional and monetary growth to an Medical transcription. A trained medical transcriptionist has various options depending on the performance, like, Team Leaders / Group Leaders / Account Managers / editor/ Proofreaders / Trainers.

Is the speech recognition software available in the market a threat to Medical transcription business?
No, it is certainly not a threat as it cannot do all that an MT can. There are a lot of limitations in it. Though it has been in the market for quiet some time, it has never been found to be of major help in Medical Transcription. It may be used by MT companies as an additional tool for increasing productivity of MTs.

Can I do transcription from home?
Yes, it is possible. A number of offers are available on the internet for home transcription. With adequate training in MT and technical requirements available, one can do home transcription. In India, this trend is yet to catch on.