Worldtech medical transcription Hyderabad

Worldtech medical transcription Hyderabad is one of the oldest medical transcription companies in Hyderabad. Worldtech regularly recruits experianced MTs and also freshers as Trainee Medical Transcriptionist. The training is 6-10 long involving both theory and online job(OJT). Worldtech was recently merged with Imedx. There are no issues with salary payment to employees with salary paid regularly on time.

Worldtech has about 1000 employees and offers home based transcription service to its associates to work from home and has about 300 associates working from home from different parts of the country. Worldtech has three franchises located in Cochin, Guntur, and Kolkota

6th Floor, MGR Estates, Behind Model House, Punjagutta, Hyderabad - 500082
Contact Information
Telephone: 2335-2700, 2335-2698, 2335-2697

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