Orion Transcription Services, INC (OTS) Huntsville, Alabama

OTS offers high-quality transcription using an All-American, U.S.-based team of transcriptionists, quality assurance, and management staff. Their services span from legal, medical, business, academia, entertainment and media transcription. Each project is staffed based on type of industry (i.e., medical, legal, religion, business, media, academia, etc.) to ensure that your transcription is being prepared by transcriptionist specialists experienced in your industry. OTS does not require you to sign a contract as they are sure that if you try them, you will come back willingly.

Jobs and Vacancies:
OTS hires independent contractors located strictly within the United States for transcription and quality assurance positions who seek flexibility in their work schedule. OTS works with each contractor to meet their individual scheduling needs.
Apply for jobs: http://www.oriontranscription.com/id3.html


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