Can a medical transcriptionist work from home?

Yes, medical transcriptionists can work from home but one needs to have at least three years of experiance and must be able maintain an accuracy of 98%. Due to increasing volume of work many medical transcription companies are increasingly offering home based jobs. Medical transcription is one of the fastest growing healthcare professions.

Here are some of the companies who recruit home based medical transcriptionists.

MT Recruiters is recruiting job seekers who are searching for online medical transcriptionist work from home jobs.

MThomeMD is a company that provides MT home jobs for people interested in medical transcription (MT) and who would like to work from home. MThomeMD has been providing MT work at home opportunities for a decade.

Acusis is the pioneer of home-based medical transcription in India. A revolutionary blend of technology, innovation, and simple ingenuity makes Acusis Home Transcription (Acusis HT™) the most intelligent and smart option for experienced medical transcriptionists.

HQMT offers Home based Medical Transcription

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  1. That is exactly one of the reasons why a lot of people are getting a medical transcription career. The option to work from home is very useful for some as most of them can't really leave home that much. Example are those stay home moms or dads.