Medical Transcription Training

Who can become a Medical Transcriptionist?
A graduate/non-graduate in any discipline, who has a good command over English language and has a strong determination to excel and undergoes a minimum of six months of training in MT, can become a Medical Transcriptionist.

What skills are required to become a Medical transcriptionist?
Proficiency in English
Good listening, writing and comprehension skills
An eye for details
Typing and basic knowledge in Computers would be an added advantage.

What is the duration of a Medical transcription training program?
The duration as given by various training institutes is 6 months.

What does the Medical transcription training involve and what is the curriculum?
The training includes a balanced mix of classroom and lab practice. The main subjects in which an individual is trained are – Medicine, English, Computers, Typing and Medical Transcription. Besides all these a lot of inputs are given on Americanisms and Listening Skills.

Is it necessary to have a science background to become a Medical transcription?
No, any graduate/undergraduate belonging to any faculties is eligible. Most of the training institutes have a screening test to take candidates into training.

Is it a full time or part-time training?
Normally, it is a full time training as it demands 10–12 hours of study. There could be some companies, which offer part-time courses, but in this case the training period would be more than six months.

Is there a crash course in Medical transcription training?
No, a person needs to go through the entire training as stipulated as this is a professional course. The training is different from all other programs as the accuracy rate expected from a Medical Transcriptionist is 98.5% and a turnaround time of 12 hours. There are no concessions to this stipulation. Though a person may have related experience and qualification like medicine etc., one has to go through the complete training module to become a medical transcriptionist.

Is there any certification in Medical transcription?
Yes, if you are a Certified Medical Transcriptionist. This test is conducted by American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT). More information on this can be obtained at Certification is not necessary for getting a job. It can be obtained after getting 10-12 years of experiance.

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  1. Superbly explained about MT I think no one has confusion after reading your provided information to become a MT.I am a MT in a hospital from last year and I got my certificate from usc med medical receptionist I am happy because I have a bright future no suspect-ion in my duty and profession so I also suggesting to get MT certificate if you want to be a reasonable person